Stacey Dee - Vocals & Guitar

Linh Le - Bass & Vocals

Jennie Cotterill - Vocals & Guitar

Myra Gallarza - Drums


For Bad Cop/Bad Cop, the past three years have been full of momentum. The kind of reckless activity of driving for 20 hours straight to make a show, performing with whoever, whenever possible and jumping the pond without a proper full length just because they have moxie. However, the hustle began to take its toll as explained by vocalist and guitarist Stacey Dee, "We just finished recording our 7" Boss Lady but we didn't know what we were going to do with it, I mean we had no resources." In 2013, Bad Cop/Bad Cop performed at Lilith Bear and felt it would be a good idea to invite Fat Mike to see them play. After all, Stacey Dee and Fat Mike are friends and had been working on his concept album, Home Street Home, where Stacey sang the part of Sue, the main protagonist. Vocalist and guitarist Jennie expounds, “We said, ‘at least try to get him to come to a show.’ Which is still a really hard sell. But Lilith Bear was an easy trap: He's not gonna run into anybody he knows. Bears are cool so nobody would fan out on him. It's at TRUCK, so it's small and extremely gay. It was either free or cheap. There were about 15 drag queens performing. And Muñecas were throwing the show and that's a really fucking cool band. So he takes the bait.” After their performance, Mike bought a round of shots and inquired if they have any material recorded, to which they happily replied, “We have a finished 7" and almost an entire album written.” Within a week, Fat Mike signed Bad Cop/Bad Cop to Fat Wreck Chords and released Boss Lady in April of 2014. The 7" drew national attention and garnered the band a spot on Alternative Press’ 100 bands you need to know about in 2015.

On June 16th, Fat will release their first full-length album, Not Sorry. All thirteen tracks showcase the band’s uncanny ability to blend aggressive instrumentation with polished vocals. Produced by Fat Mike and recorded by Davey Warsop at Hurley Studios in Costa Mesa, the album absolutely brings the rock. In their music, you might hear the influence of some of your favorite punk bands of the ‘90s like The Muffs, No Use for a Name, Dance Hall Crashers and Face to Face. But Bad Cop/Bad Cop has their own unmistakable sound. Tracks like “Old Dogs”, “Nightmare”, and “Support” display the band’s hard-playing style, catchy hooks, three-part harmonies, impossibly high energy and a message of positivity and inclusiveness. One listen to Not Sorry and you’ll know why Bad Cop/Bad Cop have generated so much buzz in such a short time. Lead guitarist and vocalist Jennie Cotterill adds, “We are grateful for the scene we came up in as well as for the opportunity to share our music with new audiences. We never thought we'd have the privilege to sign with Fat, but we're sure gonna do our best now that we have.”

In 2015, you’ll have many chances to see Bad Cop/Bad Cop. Catch them on Fat Wreck Chords’ cross-country Fat Wrecked for 25 Years anniversary tour, out on their own, and culminating in their first appearance at the legendary Fest in Gainesville, Florida.