Samuel el Action - Vokills

Mikey - Guitar

Dash - Bass

Dudel - Drums


Short History: 
After backpacking around Europe and the Middle East Mr. Samuel el Actione decided to set roots in Germany. The idea of playing the Califonia punk he grew up with here in Europe enthralled him on a daily basis. He gathered two German and one Californian Punkers and hung out at the now legendary "Shit House" in a small bavarian village. They had no heat, no hot water and shared the house with a bunch of drunken construction workers from Eastern Europe. This house became later the place of the infamous Shit House Wrecking Party (the night when Scheisse Minnelli fled to Aschaffenburg to escape from the village-police). Scheisse Minnelli would soon do their first tour through Holland and Belgium which ended with an opening slot for Poison Idea at the now legendary Lintfabriek.  About 300 gigs all over Europe and USA, two line-up changes.