Dema - Vocals and Guitar

Jesus - Guitar

Rizia - Trumpet

Tuscia - Saxophone

Ketto - Bass

Nick - Drums


The story of TALCO began over 10 years ago in a town called Marghera, located just outside of Venice, Italy. The band’s debut album “Tutti Assolti” was released in 2004 and produced by “Kob Records” and “Mad Butcher Records”.
Major magazines quickly caught on to the band and praised the album as “something unexpected happening in the Italian punk scene” which otherwise seemed mostly stale at the time.

It didn’t take long until the guys set sail and started touring Italy and shortly after the rest of Europe. Due to several DIY shows all over the continent and especially to “Punkitalia” in Berlin (2005) the band was able to quickly win an audience with its engaging and energetic live performance.

With the releases of their next two albums “Combat Circus” in 2006 and “Mazel Tov” in 2008, TALCO started to appeal to bigger audiences in Italy and the rest of Europe. The more personal and mature writing style of these two albums is what the band soon started calling “Punk-Chanka” - a tribute to Mano Negra. Mixing Rock, Ska, Folk, and other styles of alternative music TALCO created their own genre, but keeping their deep roots in punk rock music. The album “Mazel Tov” helped the band secure performances at several of Europe’s most important and well-known Festivals. TALCO soon became the most active Italian band in all of Europe.

In 2010 TALCO signed with Berlin based label “Destiny Records”. The first order of business for Destiny was to repress the last two albums, and release the band’s fourth studio album “La Cretina Comedia” in 2011. On “La Cretina Comedia” the band showcased a more refined and personal approach to writing lyrics, which isn’t easy to come by in the international punk rock community.
The “La Cretina Comedia” support tour can only be described as an undisputed success, with “Sold Out” concerts all across Germany, Eastern Europe, Russia, France, and Spain.

In 2012 the band recorded and released “Gran Galá”, their most successful record to date. The single “La Danza dell´Autunno Rosa” was an immediate hit, which clearly showed in the quickly growing crowds and venues right away. The band played over 200 shows supporting the album in the two years following the release.

2014 marked the band’s 10-year anniversary. Ten years filled with tours, shows, albums, and experiences that made TALCO one of the most important and well-known bands of their scene in Europe.
To celebrate this incredible milestone in their career the band decided to record a show in Iruña and make it a live album. Little did they know that the recording would became a double LP/CD + DVD with a documentary showing footage from their early years until today.

The band’s “10 Years” tour was the affirmation of how much the band has consolidated their success, performing at various important and sought after festivals all across the European continent.
After such an important tour the band decides to return to the studio and record new material and start to work on a new album. The fruit of their labor was released on “Kasba Music” in 2015 as the band’s fifth studio album “Silent Town”.

“Silent Town” can be called the most mature TALCO album to date. The album seamlessly combines the strengths of “Combat Circus” and “Mazel Tov” with the melodies of “La Cretina Commedia” and “Gran Galà”. This perfect mixture of catchy melodies and strong songwriting is the work the band has been building up to for many years now.

The next tour starts very soon.
See you on the road!