Out Oct 13th TERRORGRUPPE - Superblechdose

CD / LP / Box-Set / digital
Destiny-170 / Aggropop 20

File under: Punk

Here comes the follow-up of TERRORGRUPPE's classic Live-record "BLECHDOSE" (2002) - the Live double-album "SUPERBLECHDOSE", recorded during the years 2016 and 2017 in several venues like the infamous SO36 / Berlin.

"SUPERBLECHDOSE" combines subversive fun and aggressive humor with musical skills and diversity like no second punkrock group in Germany. Noone in the world needs a Live album by a german punk-band - except it`s a record of TERRORGRUPPE - energetic variations of angry, sarcastic, over-the-top but fleet-footed driving songs and dialogues with the audience, where entertainment and charme meet disarming rudeness and nasty provocations and deep insights meet deep hits simultanously and unpredictable.