With tears in the eyes we have to announce that there will be no Off With Their Heads tour in Europe this summer :-(

We understand that you're disappointed since it's the second European tour in a row to be cancelled, but sometimes life just sucks and you can't do anything about it. So give Ryan and his loved ones a virtual hug and let's hope for the best and that they come back soon.

But let Ryan explain in his own words:
"Hey everyone. I am crushed to say that Off With Their Heads is going to have to cancel our 2016 UK and European dates. I don't in any way enjoy backing out of plans, especially when other people's hard work is involved.

Furthermore, this is the 2nd Euro tour in a row that we have to back out of. Unfortunately, I had to make a call on this. The same family member that I had to stay back and help out with last summer had a bit of an unexpected turn. I cannot in good conscience leave my loved ones for an extended period of time right now. I need to focus on supporting these people and raising funds to ensure that the next phase of treatment happens with as little stress and worry as possible.

Instead of touring internationally, I will be working on benefit shows and doing my best to help out at home. At the end of the day, it camedown to this: I would rather never tour in my band again if it was between these people's well being and losing out on musical opportunities. We will be back, but we wont be planning anything until I can be sure everything will be alright. Fingers crossed that it's sooner than later. We apologize, but hope you will understand.
Ryan and OWTH"