Karl Alvarez - Bass
Stephen Egerton - Guitar
Bill Stevenson - Drums
Chad Price - Vocals (1993-present)
Scott Reynolds - Vocals (88-92)/(2008-present)
Dave Smalley - Vocals (87-88)

ALL "PROBLEMATIC" ALL / DESCENDENTS DICTIONARY: ALL: Total extent - As in: Go for ALL. Do not settle for none; do not settle for some; you are going for ALL. Through the years, ALL's mission has been to go for the all. In direct lineage to the Descendents comes ALL (as a result of Descendents' vocalist Milo Auckerman's departure to pursue his passion for a career in bio-chemistry). Nonetheless, in the pursuit of ALLness Bill, Karl, & Stephen regrouped under a new name, along with new singer Chad Price, who became the missing piece to the puzzle named ALL.

For over a decade, punk rock, coffee, and heartbreak tunes have been ALL's staple in making some of the most inventive music ever. ALL has released 11 albums in 12 years. Sharp-witted lyrics and tight, complex music have set them apart from those who have followed in their footsteps such as: Green Day, Offspring, and Pennywise. In fact, ALL/Descendents are credited with inventing the 'power-pop' sound that many bands have capitalized on in recent years.

ALL's ninth full-length record, Problematic, will be released on June 6, 2000 on Epitaph Records. They are prolific, but what is amazing is that they continue to innovate and grow within the context of the sound they created. Problematic features 18 songs that deliver an even dose of classic romantic-angst tunes such as “Carry You” that speaks of growing out of love and “www.sara” suitable for all those in cyber love. Not to mention this album also offers pissed-off anthems such as: “I want out”, “Lock 'Em Away”, and “Crucifiction” that take a social-political stance. Problematic was produced by Bill & Stephen at their own Blasting Room Studios in Fort Collins, CO. Look for the title track “Problematic”, not available on the album, only available on Punk O Rama #5 CD compilation, out this summer.

In ALL tradition, Problematic features the mascot ALLroy on the cover. This time ALLroy is portrayed as a galactic warrior slaying a musical note disguised as an outer space monster. Bashing and pummeling the musical note into doing what no other band can make it do is part of what ALL is all about. Consider some of their less-than-obvious influences: Mahavishnu Orchestra, Steve Earl, and King Crimson. And these are just a few examples of the musical intensity that has inspired ALL to create their unique sound that has garnered them fans ALL over the world. It is a signature sound, so everything they release has their familiar ‘stamp’ on it, but it is in the details that one can detect change and growth. Sure, you will still hear the patented punk surf beat, the familiar double tattoo of Bill's snare, but you will also hear poly-rhythmic combinations and beats that you have never heard from ALL before. You will still hear Stephen's aggro yet precise guitar riffing, but you will also hear melodic texturing that speaks of experimentation and change. You will still hear Karl's pulsing, busy bass, but you will also hear note combinations and progressions previously alien to ALL. And in the singing you will hear Chad push his range to the brink and beyond while maintaining his throaty, soulful delivery. The result is songs with that familiar caffeinated energy and powerful delivery, but with new twists, new facets.

Likewise, their live show continues to amaze and delight. It is easy to forget, to take them for granted because they have been around for so long, but watching them live produces an instant feeling of humility. We are reminded that they are the originators and innovators of this style and masters of their craft. It's impossible to forget when confronted with searing, perfect guitar playing; brutal, physical bass playing; flawless, passionate singing; and a drummer who seems so bent on beating the living shit out of his drums you wonder how he manages simultaneously to enslave time and meter and use them as his personal servants. Quite simply, we are reminded that they are the best at what they do, period.

'Problematic' sums up ALL as a band with just the right ingredients: energy, intensity, melody and honesty, keeping them at the forefront of the independent punk scene for well over a decade, and will continue on into the new millennium.


David Pollack