"Gas 14/18" is about the insanity of the normal people, who are bakers today and go to war tomorrow and the day after tomorrow will kill and slaughter people in a bloody field - and leave their own "pity silent". The contradiction regarding the borderline between good and evil is not between different people or different groups of people, but right through each single individual. This schizophrenia can best be countered with some sort of "anti-logic" and that's the plot of the video: "Gas is good, we need more of it!"
This is the direction of the video "Gas" - the punk strategy of "revaluation of values" - ugly is beautiful - bad is good - negative negative is positive - voicing a clear "no" to the German past.

Directed by Brezel Göring / Camera: Laura Matthaei
from Album "Kein Weg zu weit" / Destiny-177