Scheisse Minnelli singer about the lyrics of „Chata“:

„The chorus is stolen from an old Mexican-American joke. Of course the verse is about Trump and all shitty leaders in general. Fuck em all! Especially the ones that want a wall and won't let refugees in!" 


„Chata“ is the second videoclip for Scheisse Minnelli’s upcoming 5th (!) album „Waking up on Mistake Street“  (CD-Digipack / col.LP+DLC / DL ) containing twelve full speed ahead Hardcore/Skatepunk tracks with a „California-Style“ sense for catchy hooks, melodies and even melancholy. Songs about real life experiences Scheisse Minnelli have lived through themselves or people they know personally - punkrock-youth, criminal pasts, dealing with the world, experimentation with things like drugs as well as skateboarding and politics, of course...

For all friends of RKL, Verbal Abuse, MDC, Dr Know...

Out on Destiny Recs (Europe) and Beanies Recs (USA) as CD-Digipack, ltd. col. LP w. DLCode (piss-yellow vinyl) & digital DL

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