“IMMOLATE THEM ALL” - another ripping thrash-anthem and little appetizer for Siberian Meat Grinder ’s upcoming album - ancient Bear-Cult, Combat-Thrash, Skate-Core and Graffity-Grind (album in summer 2020, tba)

(Video by SMG & GuideCat Videos)

Put on the sacred Bear Mask. Stomp to the ritual and it's hardcore/metal vibes. Spread, spray, paint the burning word of the Bear Cult!


“SIBERIAN MEAT GRINDER - FOR THE CULT” Autumn 2019 Tour starting...

17.10. Warsaw - Pogłos (Poland)
18.10. Krakow - Warsztat (Poland)
19.10. Prague - Rock Cafe (Czech Republic)
20.10. Bratislava - Kulturák Klub (Slovakia)
21.10. Budapest - Dürer Kert (Hungary)
22.10. Vienna - Arena (Austria)
23.10. Dresden - Chemiefabrik (Germany)
26.10. Ummerstadt - Tolerance Fest (Germany)
27.10. Padova - Grindhouse Club (Italy)
28.10. Bolgona - Freakout Club (Italy)
29.10. Mailand - Rock N Roll Club (Italy)
30.10. Geneva - l'Usine (Switzerland)
31.10. Orléans - Blue Devil's (France)
01.11. Montaigu - In Your Face (France)
02.11. Besançon - Antonnoir (France)
05.11. Zurich - Werk 21 (Switzerland)
06.11. Halle - VL (Germany)
07.11. Drachten - Iduna (Netherland)
08.11. Berlin - Venomoused Mind Fest (Germany) 

09.11. Untererthal - Stäbruch Festival 2019 (Germany) 


The videoclip reveals more details about the mystical Bear Cult, worshipped by the band and their fans worldwide and based on an ancient mythologic creature known - among other names - as the BEAR TSAR. The dark and menacing sound of the track goes along with cryptic images of a ritual, performed by masked followers of the Bear Cult.

Known for their original style which blends thrash, hardcore-punk, hip-hop, metal, graffity, skateboarding and ego-shooter games with other - sometimes surprising - genres, SIBERIAN MEAT GRINDER jump to another level, venturing deeper into the metal depths - faster, more aggressive and more technical, balancing on the edge between raging speed and epic melodies, mixing thrash metal and melodic death, while not forgetting the hardcore-punk roots and some ironic quotations from the history of metal, punk and rap...
The band from Moscow (formed in 2011) are guided by the mighty Bear-Tsar - a mysterious and powerful entity, ruling the frozen depths of Siberian Hell with an iron paw and bringing suffering upon enemies of metal. 
SMG have an illustrious touring history throughout mainland Europe and Russia with the likes of Agnostic Front, Terror, Napalm Death, Sick Of It All, Deez Nuts, Nasty and No Turning Back and their live show is truly something to behold.