Dear friends,
with a heavy heart we have to announce that the upcoming Strung Out will not take place this May. We tried our best to postpone the three headliner gigs, but couldn't find a fitting time frame yet. Therefor we have to cancel the three shows in Schweinfurt, Cologne and Berlin.

You're therefor able to claim your refund with the ticket service you purchased your tickets from.
If you're able to, maybe think about keeping your ticket and disclaim your refund as we booked two out of these three shows directly with the venues and this might be a way to make sure they're still existing once this whole Covid19 situation is over. Support your scene! Stay safe!

Strung out

+++ Listen up, BERLIN, this one is for you +++

Thanks for all the messages asking how you can help us. We have some excellent news:

The best way to help us, to help our bands & crews, to help all the lovely venues we work with (shout out to our besties Cassiopeia, SO36, Festsaal Kreuzberg, Astra Kulturhaus  / Lido / Bi Nuu and everyone we forgot here ­čĺĽ) is to buy tickets for the fall shows. ­čÄč­čÄč­čÄč
So you know what to do: Less stocking up on hand sanitizer, more stocking up on concert tickets! More stock more rock so to speak!

Huge thanks to all of you in advance!! Stay safe!
Your Destinys ­čĺĽ

MiloGoesToQuarantine News

Due to the c-word (yes, we are talking about coronavirus here), we had to move Moscow Death BrigadeÔÇÖs album release tour.
Here are the good news: All tickets remain valid, the crocodile is NOT infected AKA ready to bring the house down and our favorite circle pit hip hoppers cannot wait to share their new songs with you! ­čÉŐ­čÄž
And here is more good news: We threw in a bunch of festivals and previously unannounced shows as well! ­čÉŐ

Mdb 20 afisha ALBUM RELEASE TOUR rgb Insta NEWS

All upcoming tour dates can be found here!

Heute geht es Schlag auf Schlag. ­čĺą
Auch die Acht Eimer H├╝hnerherzen haben gute Nachrichten zu verk├╝nden:
"Statt vieler Worte: Die Fr├╝hjahrstour muss diesmal leider im Herbst stattfinden. Gl├╝ck und Geld und Gesundheit euch allen, passt auf euch auf!" ­čÉö­čĺĽ

8EHH Instagram Herbst2020 NEWS

11.09. DE Wolfsburg - Sauna-Klub
12.09. DE Saarbr├╝cken - Studio 30
13.09. DE W├╝rzburg - Immerhin W├╝rzburg
20.09. DE Berlin - SO36
26.09. DE Freiburg - The Great R├Ąng Teng Teng
27.09. DE Erfurt - KulturQuartier Schauspielhaus
24.10. DE Bonn - BLA
25.10. DE Bremen - Lagerhaus
05.12. AT Trimmelkam - SAKOG | KULTURWERK | CLUB
06.12. AT Wien - Rhiz
11.12. DE Wiesbaden - Kreativfabrik Wiesbaden
12.12. DE Stuttgart - clubCANN
13.12. DE M├╝nchen - Feierwerk
18.12. CH Luzern - Sedel
20.12. DE Dresden - Beatpol

Do you know the German saying:ÔÇÜVorfreude ist die sch├Ânste FreudeÔÇś?!
You may now look forward to No Fun At All and Satanic Surfers for another 10-ish months: We moved their joint anniversary tour dates from April this year to January next year. ­čĄę
So the good news is: None of the shows are cancelled, all of your tickest remain valid AND all your favorite bands will still play your city!
Home Office High Fives to that! ­čĺ╗­čÖî­čĆ╗

NfaaSatanic26 2021 insta NEWS

15.01. DE Munich - Backstage
16.01. DE Hanover - Kulturzentrum Faust
17.01. DE Berlin - SO36
19.01. DE Munster - Sputnikhalle
20.01. DE Frankfurt - Das Bett
21.01. NL Amsterdam - Melkweg
22.01. DE Hamburg - Markthalle
23.01. BE Antwerp - Hangar 27
24.01. DE Cologne - Live Music Hall
26.01. DE Neunkirchen - Stummsche Reithalle *
27.01. DE Stuttgart - clubCANN
28.01. AT Vienna - Arena
29.01. DE Lindau - Club Vaudeville
30.01. CH Geneva - Post Tenebras Rock

*only NFAA

Die sch├Ânsten News des Tages kommen heute von den Acht Eimer H├╝hnerherzen! In den letzten Tagen haben wir flei├čig an Ersatz-Terminen f├╝r die kommende Album-Release-Tour gearbeitet und nun sind die ersten Daten endlich offiziell!

Hier noch eine kleine Botschaft von den ­čÉö­čĺĽ direkt an euch:
"more News on the restl. Shows so schnell wie m├Âglich... Und es heisst ├╝brigens "TRimmelkam" nicht "Timmelkam". oops.
Gl├╝ck und Geld und Gesundheit euch allen!"

8EHH Instagram verschoben neuedaten square NEWS

20.09. DE Berlin - SO36
26.09. DE Freiburg - The Great R├Ąng teng teng
27.09. DE Erfurt - KulturQuartier Schauspielhaus
24.10. DE Bonn - BLA
25.10. DE Bremen - Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus
05.12. AT Trimmelkam - Sakog Kulturwerk
06.12. AT Wien - Rhiz
11.12. DE Wiesbaden - Kreativfabrik Wiesbaden
12.12. DE Stuttgart - clubCANN
13.12. DE M├╝nchen - Feierwerk

Und weiter geht's mit den schlechten Neuigkeiten, wir arbeiten gerade mit Hochdruck an Ersatz-Terminen f├╝r die kommende Album-Release-Tour der Acht Eimer H├╝hnerherzen.
Daher: Stay tuned und wir werden euch wohl sp├Ątestens n├Ąchste Woche mit den neuen Daten versorgen k├Ânnen! ­čĺĽ (Spread love, not Corona!)

Anbei das Statement der Acht Eimer H├╝hnerherzen:

"Hallo ihr Alle!
Im 5 Minuten-Takt treffen hier die Konzertveranstalter-Bad-News ein und wir m├╝ssen hiermit vermelden:
Die "Tournee"-Tournee zum "Album"-Albumrelease wird notwendigerweise verschoben. Absolut notwendigerweise.
... Auf irgendwann nach Ende der Seuche.
Jeder einzelne Termin wird nachgeholt.
Gl├╝ck und Geld und Gesundheit euch allen! Cheers!
Eure Acht Eimer H├╝hnerherzen"

BCBC Insta postponed NEWS


Dear friends and family,
the good news is: you WILL see Bad Cop / Bad Cop and MakeWar at some point this year, the bad news is: not in the next couple of days.
We are postponing all shows from Saturday 14 March on.

The safety of everyone is extremely important to us and itÔÇÖs clear that at this point the responsible thing to do is to take preventative measures to reduce the risk of spread for both the bands, the bands' fans and our community at large.

Please find the re-scheduled tour dates for Bad Cop / Bad Cop below - we are working on rescheduling all the missing dates and shows for MakeWar and will have news soon.

All tickets to the remaining shows will remain valid for the future shows. Our bands Bad Cop / Bad Cop and MakeWar will also open a special euro merch store together to soften the financial blow for postponing all shows and cutting this tour short.

Please keep supporting the bands in these times of need by streaming and sharing music.

Be wonderful to each other and stay safe!

BCBC Insta postponed NEWS

BCBC Insta postponed NEWS

27.10. DE Berlin - Cassiopeia
28.10. DE Hamburg - Hafenklang
29.10. DE Hanover - Faust
30.10. BE Antwerp - Kavka
31.10. DE Cologne - Helios 37
01.11. NL Utrecht - dBs
02.11. DE Wiesbaden - Schlachthof

Can we all agree we're in desperate need of more good news these days!?
So please welcome the wonderful The Homeless Gospel Choir to our Destiny Family. ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ­čží­č卭čĺÜ­čĺÖ­č坭辥

THGC 2020 MauraWeaver Destiny Welcome NEWS

After endless support tours for Anti Flag, Frank Iero, Frank Turner and Dave Hause, the band is now finally(!) about to come back to Europe for their very first headlining tour in November/December. If you would like to put on a show, please reach out to Ara via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ­čĺ╗

Thanks to Strung Out we finally know what to do in August! ­čĺź
StrungOut Instagram neu NEWS
02.08. DE Kassel - Franz Ulrich
03.08. DE Annaberg-Buchholz - Alte Brauerei
06.08. UK Blackpool - Rebellion Festival
07.08. UK London - The Underworld Camden /
08.08. BE Duffel - Brakrock
09.08. DE Trier - Lucky's Luke
10.08. DE Stuttgart - LKA Longhorn *
11.08. SI Tolmin - Punk Rock Holiday
12.08. AT Wiener Neustadt - Triebwerk
13.08. DE Lindau - Club Vaudeville *
15.08. IT Bellaria-Igea Marina - Bay Fest
* with Lagwagon

# with Adolescents, MDC - Millions Of Dead Cops, Spider