KUMPELBASIS - Der Luxus unter wilden Tieren

CD Destiny 140 / Broken Silence Distrib. (LP on Dirty Faces)

Finest Punk- and Street-Rock mixed with Reggae and Worldbeat excursions by Berlin`s local heroes, german Punk with aggressivity, attitude, heart, soul and caibbean vibes...

While only known by insiders, dedicated scenesters and collectors outside of Berlin (impressive 1st album "Mächte des Alltags" is being considered one of the 5 best german Punk-Albums of the last decade), they gather an enormous following on every show and every street-party in their hometown.








01. Zyprinus

02. Dunkle Bilder

03. Der ungleiche Bruder

04. Der Luxus unter wilden Tieren

05. Der Tag

06. Misanthrop

07. Keine Zeit

08. Sag bloss nicht deutsch (zu mir)

09. Borracho

10. Einbauküche

11. Berlin

12. Bei Inge

13. Kreuzberg ist tot

14. Albtraum