THE MOVEMENT - Revolutionary Sympathies

Destiny 120 / Aggropop-5

Powerchord-Punk-Hits like „More Products“ or „Karl Marx“, noisy Garage-Smashers like „So Alone“ or „Something `bout Reality“ , from unforgettable Guitar-Hymns like „No Regrets“ or „Turning To Go“ to the Soul-Stomper „A Little Rain“ and the soft ballad „Watching All Trains Leave The Station“. The title-track and the brilliant cover-version of „Is That Love?“ are two other great and outstanding songs, just take a look at the videos below

THE MOVEMENT are not members of any organisation or political party, but they feel like giving music „a bit more bite“. Their influences range from Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Marx to Joe Strummer and Paul Weller.






1. Karl Marx
2. More Products
3. No Regrets
4. Revolutionary Sympathies
5. My Street
6. A Little Rain
7. Is That Love?
8. Me And You
9. Something About Reality
10. Turning To Go
11. All Alone
12. Watching All Trains Leave The Station

Produced by Archi Alert and Andi Jung



Lukas Sherfey - Vocal / Guitar
Lars Schaedler - Bass
Kalle Mathiesen - Drums