THE MOVEMENT - Globalize This!

Demos, Outtakes and Rarities 2001-2007

Mad Butcher MBC 009 / Co-distributed by Destiny-Records

17 demo tracks from The Movement


Most of them recorded long before they released their first album
Unspoiled, energetic and powerful.

This album shows a different side of the band.
The Movement was not just a punk band!

The inspiration was soul, the message was positive, the music skills of each individual were incredible.


01.I need you
02.Wasted Youth
03.Truth is...
04.A little rain
05.Control your temper
06.Get Pissed
07.How come
08.Losing you
09.My street
10.No jobs
11.No regrets (live)
12.One way culture
13.Play it safe
14.Still an ecno
15.Turn away your faces
17.Your love is making me stronger


Lukas Sherfey - Vocal / Guitar
Lars Schaedler - Bass
Kalle Mathiesen - Drums