RASTA KNAST - "Trallblut"

CD Destiny-142   (LP Plastic Bomb Recs.)

Their first regular / full-length Studio-Record for 11 (!!) years ... and it really sounds like the band has saved up their best songs for more than a decade to put them on this release! (doesn´t mean their countless EPs, Split-Releases or Compilation-Tracks of the last years were mediocre at all). The word "TRALL-PUNK" means a certain fast and melodic Punkrock-style invented in Sweden during the 80ties, by bands like Charta 77, Asta Kask, Radioaktiva Räker... just to name a few.  "Trallblood" is what´s running through Rasta Knast´s veins!








1. Surströmming

2. Zeichen der Totale

3. Blaufeuer

4. Psychodrama

5. Retroaktiv

6. Verkenntnis

7. Trug

8. Waidmanns Unheil

9. Moritate

10. Haunted House Of Sligo

11. Die Anderen /p>

12. Schatten eurer Selbst

13. Fahnen hoch