TALCO - Silent Town CD / LP

(Kasba Music / Destiny-164)

“Silent town” is the return of TALCO and at the same time a story extracted from the same titled book written by singer Dema, describing metaphorically and by a magic realism the history of a devastatedcountry that keeps repeating it´s own mistakes on and on. Songs and lyrics range from diverse political issues to the shrinking of culture or historical memory. "why is everything disappearing?" 12 songs that combine the experience of TALCO until today. A powerful sound that reminds of the return to their origins at "Combat Circus", the combination of klezmer sounds like "Mazel Tov", political lyrics in the line of "La Cretina Comedia" and evolving melodies like "Gran Galà".

 This is the record the band has been waiting for a long time, enriched by many years of experience becoming one of the leading european Ska-Punk bands, breaking all boundaries. Welcome to Silent Town, a concept album which closes the trilogy begun with "La Cretina Comedia" and "Gran Galà". Between reality and the grotesque, a mix of nightmares and hallucinations and a truth too difficult to comprehend, vanished memories and secrets never fronted before, the path will be full of encounterments and experiences that will change the lifes and decisions, in the middle of a dark dilema that endangers the future: "why is everything disappearing?"






1. Il Tempo
2. Neverdad
3. Sombra
4. Nel Varieta
5. Rotolando
6. Silent Town
7. Via da qui
8. Intermondo
9. Dalla Pallida Miro
10. Nella Strada
11. Ovunque
12. Malandia