With 1 whole year of delay - producer Andi Jung suffered from a dangerous allergic reaction and poisoning - all recordings had to be stopped - comes the ENGLISH (international) album of TERRORGRUPPE : “Rust In Pieces”. 11 of the 13 Songs are english versions of the (german) album “Fundamental” / Destiny 2003 , new english vocals have been recorded on those basic-tracks (same procedure as a “riddim” in the world of reggae-music) The result was a bundle of completely new and unique songs , with new contents , new arrangements and vocal-harmonies. “Rust In Pieces” is a true proof for the lasting and outstanding quality of these 4 krautboys … but with a very own sense of black humor and offensive irony. It's the 3rd international release of TERRORGRUPPE, the follow-up of “Music For Assholes (USA, Canada, Japan, Eastern Europe 1997) and “1 World – 0 Future” (Europe & Southern America 2000).  In November 2005, right after the last recordings for this album, singer Archi Alert left the Band, surprisingly.


1. the world´s not bad at all
2. say it don´t spray it
3. happy song
4. deedee
5. hey tough guy
6. marylin
7. rambo III
8. satellite city
9. the daily week
10.cathedrals with my record collection
13.hedonistic salvation front

Archi Alert - Vocs, Guitar
Johnny Bottrop - Guitar, Vocs
Slash Vicious - Bass, Vocs
S.M.West – Drums, Vocs

Interesting Points:
- Inlay/Poster contains a special “modelling-kit”
- produced by Andi Jung (Blackmail, The Movement, Bates, Scumbucket…)