Deconstruction Tour



This DVD captures Europe´s best and biggest independent Punkrock Festival-Tour at its most exciting and memorable moments. Witness a strange and disturbing world of raw mayhem, bizarre incidents, truly insane artists & touring crews and travel with this circus of degenerated punkrock misfits on its trail of "DEAF & DECONSTRUCTION" through the countries of England, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium and Netherlands. (...and the audience is even worse). Filmed in perfect quality, best cameras & cut, hifi-soundrecordings & mix!

Featuring live performances by:
Pennywise, Mad Caddies, Anti-Flag, Lagwagon, Boysetsfire, Beatsteaks, Yellowcard, From Autumn To Ashes, Slackers, Strike Anywhere, Pulley, The Movement, Mad Sin, Tribute To Nothing , 1208, Banda Bassotti, Capdown, Captain Everything, MxPx, Only Crime, Smoke Or Fire …and some of the world´s best skate, bmx and moto-cross artists: Simon Tabron, Zach Shaw, Jocke Olsson, Ali Cairns, Cristiano Mateus, Freddy Peters, Fredrik Berggren ..

Tracklist (in order of appearance):1208 - Next Big Thing | Pennywise - Something To Change | Capdown - MV4 | Strike Anywhere - Amplified The Blaze | Only Crime - To The Nines | Beatsteaks - I Don´t Care As Long As You Sing | From Autumn To Ashes – Milligram Smile | Boy Sets Fire – Requiem | The Slackers - Bin Waitin | Anti-Flag – Turncoat | Strike Anywhere - To The World | The Movement – Waiting | Beatsteaks - Panic | Lag Wagon - Falling Apart | MXPX - The Next Big Thing | | Pulley - Insects Destroy | Mad Caddies - Drinking for 11 | Lag Wagon - Violins | Mad Sin – Sell Your Soul | Pennywise – The World | Yellowcard - Breathing | Pennywise - Bro Hymn

Tribute to Nothing - Breaking my Fall | Banda Bassotti - Familia Christiana | Smoke Or Fire - 50 Cent Hearts | Captain Everything - The Bomb Song

produced by Archi Alert, Phillip Virus & Dave Pollack, filmed by Jay Schweitzer, Jordan Burns, Archi Alert & Phillip Virus on Deconstruction-Tour 2004 and 2005.   160 minutes plus bonus features

- Behind the Stage, Backstage-footage, Crew, On the Road,
- Interviews with Bands and Skate-Artists


Formats: DVD


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