SIBERIAN MEAT GRINDER Video „Flame In The Heart" (acoustic)

Photo Credits: Ara Walter

SIBERIAN MEAT GRINDER Video „Flame In The Heart" (acoustic)

New videoclip by HC-Thrash-Coryphees Siberian Meat Grinder!

An acoustic version of  SMGs blockbuster of same title, dedicated to endless touring and countless roads, venues, bands, scenes, friends and fans and the worldwide unity of the Bear Cult, bringing together people from all corners of our planet and universe.
Learn the chords, grab your rugged guitar and sing along until the Bear Tsar hears us in the depths of time and space!   
„Flame In The Heart / acoustic" is the last of 4 videos for Siberian Meat Grinder’s 3rd album„Join The Bear Cult“/ Destiny-181 - out this Friday 13th of May 2022.
Known for smashing genre boundaries with their original style and blend of thrash, hardcore-punk, hip-hop, power & black metal and other - sometimes surprising - genres,Siberian Meat Grindertake everything to another level, delivering more speed, more aggression, more epic melodies and more technical riffing than ever before, while not forgetting their hardcore roots, fun, unity ... and one acoustic track.

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