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Acht Eimer Hühnerherzen

Acht Eimer Hühnerherzen - Reise 2024

präsentiert von Diffus, Ox Fanzine & LiveGigs

Die nächste Tour! Im Frühling! Mit neuen und alten Liedern!
Acht Eimer Hühnerherzen machen sich wieder auf eine große Reise. Zum Beispiel nach Dresden und Braunschweig. Oder Bochum.
Keine Stahlsaiten, keine Zukunft, keine Hunde.
(Danach erstmal Tourpause wg. Schallplattenproduktionsarbeiten)

Schreng Schreng & La La: Dresden, Lindau, München
Finna: Nürnberg, Wiesbaden, Greifswald, Trier, Erfurt 
iedereen: Hamburg, Bremen, Bochum, Köln, Leipzig, Berlin
Kem Trail: Braunschweig

Buster Shuffle

Hold Back The Rebels Tour 2024

presented by Destiny Tourbooking, OX Fanzine,, SLAM Alternative Music Magazine

Superfan Tickets: For Wiesbaden, Lindau and Dusseldorf you can purchase Superfan Tickets which allow you to go to the show, soundcheck and meet the band personally. You'll get informed via email when and where you meet before.

Tour Support: THE MEFFS
(Dendermonde, Düsseldorf, London, Wiesbaden, Stuttgart, Lindau)

Chaos Commute: Düsseldorf

🚨Reschedule Alert 🚨
It’s Baby time.
Wiesbaden, Stuttgart, Lindau we have to reschedule our shows. A thousand apologies. The new dates will be:
22.04.24 Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
25.04.24 Stuttgart, ClubCann
26.04.24 Lindau, Club Vaudeville
All purchased tickets WILL REMAIN VALID. Full explanation below from Jet👇
Hey Shufflers, Due to a newly announced 48 hour doctor’s strike planned here in the UK the hospital have brought forward my wife’s planned C Section date. This new date is Thursday so we’ve had no other choice but to reschedule these three shows as I want to be there for B-day. Thank you for your understanding Shufflers, I’m really frustrated at this but have no other choice. On a personal note we 100% support our doctors and nurses here in the UK and support their strike (despite it causing us a  big headache) 13 years of this shit show of a Tory government means they have no other choice but to strike. See you at the new dates lovely people and thanks for your understanding. One love. Jet X

NOFX Final European Tour 2024

Destiny Tourbooking, Fat Wreck Chords, Reservix, Visions, Ox Fanzine & RADIO BOB! present: THE FINAL NOFX EUROPEAN TOUR 2024.

Limited Bro Tickets for all shows (excluding Copenhagen and Hamburg) can be purchased at the NOFX bandshop.


11.05.24 Milan: Circle Jerks, Comeback Kid, Raw Power, The Last Gang, Versus The World
12.05.24 Milan: Circle Jerks, Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls, Talco, The Meffs, Clowns, Bad Frog

14.05.24 Madrid: Circle Jerks, Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls, G.A.S. Drummers, The Meffs
16.05.24 ChambéryCircle Jerks, Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls, Grade 2, The Meffs

18.05.24 Eindhoven: Circle Jerks, Talco, Scream, Versus The World, The Meffs, Clowns
19.05.24 EindhovenCircle Jerks, Heideroosjes, Negative Approach, Itchy, The Last Gang, Antillectual

21.05.24 Copenhagen: Circle Jerks, The Meffs
23.05.24 Hamburg: Circle Jerks, Scream, The Meffs

25.05.24 Hanover: Circle Jerks, Scream, Negative Approach, The Last Gang, Clowns
26.05.24 CologneCircle Jerks, Itchy, Scream, The Last Gang, Negative Approach, Clowns

30.05.24 LjubljanaCircle Jerks, Get Dead, The Last Gang
01.06.24 Saarbrücken: Circle Jerks, Itchy, Pulley, Get Dead, The Last Gang, The Meffs

04.06.24 ViennaCircle Jerks, The Last Gang, Get Dead
05.06.24 Vienna: Circle Jerks, Pulley, The Meffs

07.06.24 Augsburg: Circle Jerks, Codefendants, Pulley, Get Dead, Negative Approach, The Last Gang
08.06.24 Berlin: Pennywise, Descendents, Codefendants, The Meffs, Scheisse Minelli
09.06.24 Berlin: Circle Jerks, Itchy, Pulley, Get Dead, Negative Approach, The Last Gang