Antillectual - Perspectives And Objectives


Antillectual - Perspectives And Objectives

LP-Gatefold and white vinyl  / CD-Diggipack

File Under: Alternative / Punk / Post-Core

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"Perspectives & Objectives" is Antillectual's 4th full length album and a proof of the band's evolution towards more compact, serious yet accessible songs and messages, while maintaining their position in the European punk rock scene.

Antillectual’s passionate music is melodic and energetic. With a sound firmly rooted in the combustible, dynamic punk of the '90's skate scene while incorporating hints of modern emo, orgcore and even metal, the band’s sound is very distinctive. What defines that sound is a sense of urgency that resonates in each and every song.

The band laconically: "We manage to create our own unique blend of stolen riffs and borrowed songs"

"Perspectives & Objectives" was recorded by the band themselves, for the first time featuring instruments like cello, violin and organs.

Assisted, engineered and mixed by Nico van Montfort


01. Soundtrack

02. Welcome to Le Jungle

03. With Gaga on Our Side

04. Work Horses vs Show Ponies

05. Pink Print

06. To All Members of Parliament

07. Future History

08. Bullies

09. Mother Inferior

10. Books

"Perspectives & Objectives" was released in Europe & America by a huge cooperation of labels:

Suburban Records (Benelux) / Destiny Records (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) / No Reason Records (Italy) / Angry Chuck Records (Russia) / Undermusic Records  (South America) / A-F Records (USA) / Destroy It Yourself Records (Portugal) / Lockjaw Records (United Kingdom) /  5FeetUnder Records (Scandinavia) / Effervescence Records (France)

DJs choice:

Soundtrack / With Gaga on Our Side / Work Horses vs Show Ponies /  Mother Inferior

Line Up:

Riekus van Montfort - drums / vocals

Willem Heijmans - vocals / guitar

Glen ten Haaf - bass / vocals


Catalogue No: Destiny-154

Formats: CD / LP / DL


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