Bar Stool Preachers - Blatant Propaganda

Bar Stool Preachers

Bar Stool Preachers - Blatant Propaganda

File under: Ska / 2Tone / Punkrock

"It's edgy, new and above all different..." - The Bar Stool Preachers are a perfect antidote for all the run of the mill, industry standard apathy we see in modern music.
Brighton's ska-infused, streetpunk inspired five piece are certainly a band whose optimistic, melodic songs will stay in your head after just one listen and have you smiling throughout. 
Whether agitating the masses on the streets or playing sold out clubs, captivating thousands at big festivals or supporting popular groups during extensive tours, this is a band you know you can rely on for a gig full of energy, enthusiasm and a collection of just straight up good music.

"... all the energy of The Specials in their heyday"
Vive Le Rock Magazine / UK

1. Trickledown
2. Bar Stool Preacher
3. Looking Lost feat. Vic Ruggerio
4. Clock Out, Tools Down
5. My Own Worst Enemy
6. Start New
7. Good News
8. Keeping Busy
9. Battleworn
10. Friend Or Foe
11. Sleep No More
12. One Fool Down
13. Ballad (of the M1)

BLATANT PROPAGANDA combines the original 2-Tone sound with a fresh modern twist, then throws in some reggae, dub and hardcore for good measure into a crafted, genuine sound, feels like a breath of fresh air - with witty observational lyrics and a heavy dose of perfectly honoured punk influences such as The Clash, Rancid and Cock Sparrer, (front man T.J. McFaull is the son of Cock Sparrer's Colin McFaull and live has been described as "a whirlwind of charisma").
Lyrically the Bar Stool Preachers never hide their motives: They demand social justice and change, but they do this with style with their thought provoking and positivity spreading lyrics. There is always an angry undertone in their songs, which when seen live, seems they might just get what they want…

This debut album from April 2016 was tipped for big things, and did not disappoint, selling out over 4 times in it’s first year; being followed up by European and UK tours, different audiences and scenes are starting to take notice of this exciting band.

Since the Bar Stool Preachers formed in the summer of 2014 they have been attracting acclaim both for their optimistic, melodic tunes as well as for their incredibly powerful live shows.
They’ve had successful and packed shows across the UK and mainland Europe during their first 2 years, gathering recognition, acknowledgement, and compliments by critics and audiences both.
Their debut single "One Fool Down" sold more than 2000 copies within a month and really helped the band generate some momentum from the word: 'Go!'
Not afraid to put their money where their mouths are, The Bar Stool Preachers are also regularly involved in positive action, political agitation and charity work, supporting refugees or volunteering for local events against homelessness and social injustice, The Bar Stool Preachers are not just sitting, talking and preaching, they are for real and the music lovers know it.



Catalogue No: BSP-002/Destiny-172

Formats: CD-Digipack & LP w. DLC