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File Under: Punk / Indie / German vocals

"AUFSTEHN" is the 10th album by Die Skeptiker, founded in 1986 in Berlin / Capital of Deutsche Demokratische Republik and led by the charismatic
singer Eugen Balanskat. The music doesn´t even pretend to be "new" or "progressive" but it´s tasty oldschool Punkrock-style ranging from late-70ties German Punk & New Wave to sounds of The Briefs or Cyanide Pills, just pure Up`n`Down Pogo-Punk, co-produced by Smail (The Shocks).

This whole album is more about contents and lyrical substance , about spontaneity and expression - not about perfection and musical skills - with this approach the band managed to record their best and most articulately record since the legendary "Sauerei"-LP!  Essential for all friends of German Punkrock.


1) Wann oder Wie
2) Chanel
3) Erwartung
4) Aufsteh´n
5) Das System
6) Traum
7) Freiheit, Gleichheit, Brüderlichkeit
8) Afrika
9) Nimm 2
10) Vergebung
11) Blieb doch der Glaube
12) Meer von Grün
13) Niemals mehr

DJs choice:

1. Wann oder wie
3. Erwartung
7. Freiheit, Gleicheit, Brüderlichkeit 
9. Nimm 2


Catalogue No: Destiny 155

Formats: CD & LP


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