How Many Times Did We Live?

Tribute To Nothing

How Many Times Did We Live?

How Many Times Did We Live?

File Under : Post-HC, Punk, Emo, Indie/Noise


Tribute To Nothing return once again with their mind-blowing 5th album "How Many Times Did We Live?" TTN has been an institution on the European punk / hardcore scene for over a decade now and has gained much respect on their travels.

In fact enough respect to recruit Jason Livermore (Rise Against, Thursday, Alkaline Trio) in the Production driving seat and the legend is that Bill Stevenson (All, Descendents, Black Flag) took over the Project Coordination of this fine album. This enabled the band to capture their intense, unique, powerfully melodic, yet aggressive sound.

"How Many Times Did We Live ?" captures every side of TTN´s life in it’s 12 spine tingling tracks and you get an insight into where the band has been for the last few years and where they are headed in future days. This album is definitely ‘Something I Can Trust’. In fact we can all trust in the fact that this album is a future classic!

Produced by Jason Livermore / Blasting Room
Project coordination by Bill Stevenson

1. Every Word's A Whisper
2. Maybe I'm Waiting
3. Something I Can Trust
4. It's Not A Secret
5. Three Times
6. Finding My Feet
7. Name Of Distrust
8. And Still They Stand Strong
9. Wearing Thin
10. Portraits Fall
11. Quicksand Mindset
12. Breaking Your Fall


Release Date: 28.04.2006

Catalogue No: Destiny-Records 121 DESTINY 121 vinyl on LOCKJAW RECORDS (UK)