1994 World Series Champions


1994 World Series Champions

ISOTOPES - 1994 World Series Champions

Destiny-171 (under assistance of Stomp Recs / CAN)

File under: Baseball-Punk

Showing no signs of a sophomore slump, the ISOTOPES Punk Rock Baseball Club  from Vancouver / Canada heads full tilt into the season with their brand new, grand slam album '1994 World Series Champions' containing 10 crushing ramonesque punk anthems that showcase their vast baseball acumen and sharp clubhouse wit and bang your ears with a baseball bat - for friends of Hanson Brothers, Teenage Bottlerocket Screeching Weasel... and the Ramones of course. Throughout the record, the band makes reference to many classic moments such as Hall Of Famer George Brett soiling his pants in the lobby of the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Jose Canseco blowing his own finger off while cleaning his pistol, and the time George Constanza steamrolled Bette Midler at home plate, sending her to the hospital.

1. What We Do Ain’t Secret
2. D.O.A.
3. Legend Of George Brett
4. Indian Summer
5. Psycho At The Sandlot
6. Morganna
7. Rule 21
8. Rochelle Rochelle
9. Gold Scorpion Gun
10. Sandlot Party



Catalogue No: Destiny-171 (under assistance of Stomp Recs / CAN)

Formats: CD / LP / digital