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INFERNO - Pioneering Works

File under: Hardcore / Punk / Thrashcore

During the Mid-80ties INFERNO were a worldwide well known (the most known) Hardcore Band from Germany, especially known in USA, Japan, Brazil,... but also in (former socialist) Yugoslavia, in Australia or Malaysia. The group toured all over Europe, as an active cell of the continental Hardcore-network, a network which reached from the Vasque Country up to Helsinki, from Amsterdam to Athens, from Bristol to Belgrad; Thrash- and Speedmetal-Acts such as Hirax, Slayer, Anthrax or S.O.D name INFERNO as one of their biggest influences in several interviews and features.

5 years ago the idea for this anthology was born to present this whole material in a good quality and package, totally 56 Songs! Many months and years are being spent with legal beaucracy to reposess the master- and publishing-rights from former labels ... and also with remastering and renovating the damaged mastertapes from the 80ties

"Inferno were the hardest, fastest, most brutal hardcore band of their time and a strong influence ..."   Scott Ian / Anthrax & SOD

"I was wild, naive, paranoid, messy, disturbed and really really angry I just wanted to live as fast and as much as possible. On top of that there was this big experiment in the center of all my ambitions: How fast can you play a 4/4 bar? INFERNO was the ideal environment for all these characterial damages and suddenly, without any plan or method behind it, we were one of the most important and most influential bands, whenever and wherever the development of EXTREME guitar-music was the main topic."
Archi Alert about Inferno

- all orig. tapes remastered and renovated
- 2xCD Set for price of a regular CD-album
- great packaging: box and 2 booklets with detailed history
- all authorised by the orig. bandmembers

Tracklist CD 1 - OldSchool
1. 1983
2. Ram It Up
3. Escape From Society
4. Gott Ist Tot
5. Tod
6. Wodka
7. KKK
8. Administration
9. Liebeslied
10. Ronald Reagan
11. Moorsoldaten
12. Tod Und Zerstörung
13. So Sind Wir
14. Birne Muss Kanzler Bleiben
15. Ziel Deutschland
16. Massenmord
17. Wäh
18. Steinkopf
19. Live At War
20. Linke Sau
21. Perfekter Mensch
22. Sohn Gottes
23. Ungewissheit
24. Zukunftsvisionen
25. Freitod
26. Wir Sind Schon Tot II
27. Leben
28. Geschöpf Ohne Hirn
29. Im Namen Der Forschung
30. Ein Alptraum

Tracklist CD 2 - HighSchool
1. Hibakusha
2. Ein Glücklicher Narr
3. Ich Liebe Nur Mich
4. Dein Bester Freund
5. 7 Jahre
6. Ein Tag Im Schatten
7. Des Wahnsinns Fette Beute
8. Es Reicht
9. Das Spiel Der Grossen
10. VVV
11. Die Rache Kommt
12. Gewusst Wie
13. No One Rules
14. Ram It Up II
15. Behind My Back
16. Are They Nothing?
17. After My Death
18. Hate Of Joy
19. Left Alone
20. Like An Undead
21. Not Your Problem
22. People Torture People
23. Possessed By The Devil
24. Stories From The Past
25. Ihr Träumer
26. Tränen Und Blut



Catalogue No: Destiny-27

Formats: 2xCD Box-Set