Greatest Hits - Live West Berlin 1988


Greatest Hits - Live West Berlin 1988

R.K.L. - "Greatest Hits- Live West Berlin 1988"


The RICH KIDS ON LSD will always be remembered as one of the best and most influential HC/Skatepunk groups of the mid/late 80ties, with an unique virtuosity, speed, drive and musicianship - you won´t find any important SkateCore-band nowadays, who won´t quote RKL as one of their main inspirations!!  Like many other great and unique groups RKL later imploded in between personal tragedies, drugs and drama, but their songs will remain forever!

This album features the group at their absolute musical peak: Live in Europe 1988, short after releasing "RnR-Nightmare", with their classic line-up:  Jason Sears - Vox / Chris Rest & Barry D`Alive - Guitars / Joe Raposo - Bass & multi-instrumental genius Bomer on Drums.

"Without RKL, there wouldn´t be a NOFX. Well, there might be a totally shitty NOFX."

"Not only on stage, but also before and after the gig, RKL managed to keep the crowd and all people involved MOVING,
a band turned into a powerhouse." ARCHI ALERT / INFERNO, TERRORGRUPPE....

"I think it´s no secret anymore that the guys of RKL produced their own LSD and took on tour to Europe. They used the large-sized stickers on their guitar and drum-bags to hide strips... and they did spread tons of LSD papers at their shows. Crazy shit!"  HELGE / PLASTIC BOMB FANZINE

special packaging: Digipack-CD w. bonustracks & huge insert , remastered / prev. unreleased tracks, 20pg. booklet, interviews & liner notes by orig. members and more... 27 Songs!



01. Lies
02. Hangover
03. Drink Positive
04. Scab On My Brain
05. Ded Teds
06. Seeing You
07. Blocked Out
08. Rumors
09. Tribute To The Jester
10. Pothead
11. Why?
12. Find A Way
13. Feelings Of Hate
14. Tell Me The Truth
15. Sargasm
16. Senseless Violence
17. Beautiful Feeling
18. Berlin Rock City
19. Life In A Bottle
20. Break The Camels Back
21. Lay Your Weapons Down
22. Catch Your Breath

BONUS  (recorded in 2000 / 2001)

23. Don´t Take Us
24. Revenge
25. What Happens Next
26. Twisting And Turning
27. Maiden Goleta


Catalogue No: Destiny-132

Formats: CD

Distribution: Broken Silence / PHD / Sonic Rendezvous