Rasta Knast


RASTA KNAST - "Trallblut"

Their first regular / full-length Studio-Record for 11 (!!) years ... and it really sounds like the band has saved up their best songs for more than a decade to put them on this release! (doesn´t mean their countless EPs, Split-Releases or Compilation-Tracks of the last years were mediocre at all). The word "TRALL-PUNK" means a certain fast and melodic Punkrock-style invented in Sweden during the 80ties, by bands like Charta 77, Asta Kask, Radioaktiva Räker... just to name a few.  "Trallblood" is what´s running through Rasta Knast´s veins!



1. Surströmming
2. Zeichen der Totale
3. Blaufeuer
4. Psychodrama
5. Retroaktiv
6. Verkenntnis
7. Trug
8. Waidmanns Unheil
9. Moritate
10. Haunted House Of Sligo
11. Die Anderen
12. Schatten eurer Selbst
13. Fahnen hoch


Catalogue No: CD Destiny-142 (LP Plastic Bomb Recs.)



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