Stupidity Returns

Brat Pack

Stupidity Returns

Hailing from the eastern part of The Netherlands comes a band that you would expect being founded on the Californian coast. BRAT PACK started in 2006, influenced by the melodic sounds of Adolescents, Bad Religion and SNFU, but with a harder edge than any of these bands using structures and patterns from HC-Groups such as RKL, Stalag 13, 7 Seconds or old New York and DC hardcore bands like Minor Threat and Urban Waste.
“Stupidity Returns” was recorded with producer Nico van Montfort near the town of Venlo, home to the most notorious right-wing politician of The Netherlands, Geert Wilders. The bend of a majority of the Dutch population towards a conservative extreme-right  has become a main topic on this album and the title compares the current political climate to that of the late thirties.
Musically, the album is again a combination of the aggressive sounds of bands like RKL and Poison Idea with more melodic influences of Agent Orange or Adolescents, generally the songs sound more “mature”. Not conform the connotations this word usually implies, this does not mean BRAT PACK became less aggressive, energetic and urgent. Quite the contrary...


01. Much Like Gravity
02. Safe and Sound
03. Radical Development
04. Nothing to Hide
05. Church of Abuse
06. Family Man (Intro)
07. Family Man
08. Delusional
09. Crisis
10. Stupidity Won
11. Mall Rats
13. Za Smierc Przyjaciela



Catalogue No: Destiny BPCD-2011

Formats: CD Diggipack + LP

Distribution: Broken Silence / Dirty Faces Recs