Gran Gala


Gran Gala

File under: Ska / Punk / World (= PUNKCHANKA)

ABOUT "GRAN GALA" : 15 (!!) new songs with hooks, drive, diversity, speed and a great production! This will definitely be the finest work they ever released, Patchanka/Punk/Ska/Folk/Core at its best with a strong message, combat-lyrics and satire concerning the decline of Italian society during 10 years of "Berlusconism", told by the metaphors of tarocs.

+ The CD comes with beautiful artwork & diggipack and 16pg Booklet with all lyrics and their english translations

+ LP with lyrics and translations on innersleeve.

+ mastered by Howie Weinberg (!!!)


1. Gran Gala
2. La mia citta
3. San Maritan
4. Danza dell'autumno rosa
5. La roda de la fortuna
6. La macchina del fango
7. All'adunata del feticcio
8. I giorni e una notte
9. Dai Nomadi
10. La veglia del re nudo
11. A picco
12. Teleternita
13. XIII
14. Ancora
15. Un'idea