Last Call for Adderall


Last Call for Adderall

14 new songs - high energy fuelled HARDCORE anthems, "Last call for Adderall" is the band's 6th album and their first release since 2010's and will be accompanied by concerts marking Venerea's return to the stage with classic skate punk sound, fresher than ever before, still uncompromising, fighting and showing no signs of stopping anytime. 

LP w. colored vinyl ltd. 500 copies in neon-orange (+ DL-card & lyric inner sleeve)

1. Going Home 
2. The Beans & The Grinder 
3. Raising My Game 
4. Mark Of Cain 
5. Not My Country 
6. Under Siege 
7. I'm Waiting For Her To Kill Herself 
8. The Final Wall 
9. Vicious Circle 
10. Now You're Gone 
11. Enemies Of The Alliance 
12. Times Are Hard 
13. A Bigger Man 
14. Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye 


Catalogue No: Destiny 166 / Dirty Six Recs 002