Entertainment Overkill

The Bottrops

Entertainment Overkill

File Under: Punk/Powerpop/Garage (BOTTROPOP!)

Somewhere in the middle, right inbetween where Punkrock 77, british Powerpop of the New Wave & Mod-Generation 1979/80 and melodic Los Angeles Beach-Punk 1981/82 meet, just there in the center pulses the heartbeat of THE BOTTROPS!

ENTERTAINMENT OVERKILL is an the ideal Soundtrack for all those who will stay forever sixteen. Played and recorded by musicians, who will stay forever seventeen - with influences of bands like Adolescents, Buzzcocks, The Jam, Wipers, All & Descendents, Replacements... The band calls this sound: BOTTROPOP.

The combination with critical and straight german lyrics results into a colourful album with 15 simple-offensive Punk-Hits, sometimes political, sometimes philosophical, sometimes sarcastic, always critical and true, reflecting the craziness of modern Information & Entertainment-Industries and the growing feeling of being misled, betrayed, badly entertained and dissatisfied. Almost an conceptional album. Great artwork, packaging and booklet with 18 short stories by german slam-poets, comic-artists and underground-writers complete this 2nd album of the Bottrops

"Where do the boys get these melodies?"
Daniel / Boardsteinkante.de

"Only a few groups can combine real cool Punkrock with refined, but still dirty punk-sweating lyrics. Many bands try to achieve this for years and then come these four young, loud & snotties out of Berlin.... "
Tom Obnoxious in Southspace.de, summer 2007

01. Trägheit und Masse
02. Die Grossen der Geschichte
03. H.W.E.N.
04. Wandertag
05. Super Sicher Sauber
06. Ein Hit
07. Der Stau
08. Kurze Unterbrechung
09. Kamera läuft!
10. Entertainment Overkill
11. Teleshop Romeo
12. Anton
13. Die Frau Am Fenster
14. Aufregende Party
15. Ein Sommernachtstraum
16. Wir


Bang Bang Benno - Vox, Git
Slash Vicious - Bass, Vox
Johnny Bottrop - Git, Vox
Robo Borowski - Drums


Catalogue No: Destiny 129

Distribution: Broken Silence


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