The Bottrops

The Bottrops

The Bottrops

File Under: Punk/Powerpop/Garage (BOTTROPOP!)

Driven by  the simple intention to write and perform basic punkrock/garage/powerpop-hooks with straight and down-to-earth german lyrics about real life without any "hell-yeah-rock-you-all-night-long" faking (or any emo-sadness posing and escapism), in the end of 2005 these four berliners started writing dozens of songs within a few weeks in their little basement. The Bottrops kept moving into a direction of a "79/80"-sound, leaving Skate-Punk and Melody-Core behind... always searching for a simple orm of writing, reduced to the purest and straightest form of a song and a lyric.
- engineered by Harris Johns ( Slime, VKJ, Sepultura ...)
- mastering by Andi Jung (Beatsteaks, Terrorgruppe, Goldene Zitronen, Seeed...)
- Poster-Booklet

1. 4 Akkorde
2. Unterhund
3. Reduziert
4. Eure Probleme
5. Hochhausgirl
6. Von A-Z
7. Nicht Wie Im Fernsehen
8. Kleingarten BRD
9. Ruf Mich An!
10. A Donde Van Tus Suenos?
11. Das Alles
12. Anders
13. Opfer Müssen Verzichten Können
14. Und Sie Sagte ...


Bang Bang Benno - Vox, Git
Slash Vicious - Bass, Vox
Johnny Bottrop - Git, Vox
Cris Crise - Drum, Vox


Catalogue No: Destiny 126 / Bottropo-1

Formats: CD + LP

Distribution: Motor Music / Rookie Records / Broke Silence


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