Heart Of Glass

The Offenders

Heart Of Glass

THE OFFENDERS - Heart Of Glass

Beats like a heart, cuts like a broken glass! Offenders are back with "Heart Of Glass", delivering their best uptempo offbeat hits with punk attitude! Singalong anthems to play loud, party hard and dance crazy: Downtown stories of the „Black Caesar“, many nights spent „Missing the dawn“ or just waiting for the „Payday“,  using „Hope as drugs“ short before „Fallin'“! No, this is no fooling around, no easy slogans, no cosmetics or compromises, this Punk-Mod-Ska-Beat-Reggae-Powerpop hits straight into your heart (of glass)!
CD & Download with 2 bonus tracks.

1. Wie geht's?
2. Fighters Or Survivors
3. Hope As Drugs
4. Kotti Is Not L.A.
5. Black Caesar
6. Payday
7. Take Me Home
8. Fallin'
9. Boots And Braces (Don't Mean Racist)
10. One Of These Times
11. Missing The Dawn
12. My Darling A.C.A.B.
13. Set Fire
14. Bloody Skinhead Romance

Bonus / DL
15B. Punk Rock Booze and Bruises
16B. Sons Of Specials


Catalogue No: Destiny-176

Formats: CD Diggypack / LP ltd. col. blue vinyl & DL-Code



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